Series Status


The Burning Tempest Novels

Book 1 – Breaching of the Barrier – Completed – Querying Agents
Book 2 – Tower in the Tempest – Completed
Book 3 – Shadows in the Storm – Completed
Book 4 – Whispers in the Wind – Detailed Outline Completed – ETA ~ TBA
Book 5 – March of the Mages – Base Outline Completed – ETA ~ TBA


Novella 1 – War of the Altered – Final Editing
Novella 2 – Journey of the Mages – ETA ~ TBA

Beta Readers Wanted

I am currently looking for beta readers for my novella – War of the Altered. It is not a novella for readers who are faint of heart or enjoy fluffy bunny stories. I am requesting general feedback over the next month, and am happy to trial first time beta readers with this novella. (Let me know if you haven’t beta’d before so I can give you a breakdown of what sort of things to look for when reading!)

Participants will be given cookies* and a mention in the Acknowledgements!

If you would like to participate, please send me an email or reach out to me on twitter (links are in the right hand column above the twitter feed.)


* I lied about the cookies. Sorry.